Bought Back CrowdStrike (CRWD) Naked Puts and Opened ViacomCBS (VIAC) Trade

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Before I discuss today’s trades, I want to welcome new subscribers to my email list. As I do not promote my site, I am intrigued by the interest from folks all over the planet. My last four subscribers are from Australia, India, the United States and Canada. The top four countries that visitors to my site are from are the United States, Canada, Britain and China. I hope you see through my options trades that there are alternatives to buy-and-hold strategies which “hands-on” investors should consider for their personal portfolios. The performance of your investment portfolio will determine when you will be financially independent and your actions play a vital role in that.

Today, I bought back the Apr-16 $155.00 naked puts I sold on CrowdStrike thus locking in a 1.5% (61% annualized) profit.

Crowdstrike Naked Put Trade

With the CrowdStrike trade closed, I then sold ViacomCBS Apr-16 $40.00 naked puts which will generate an annualized return of 29% if the shares are not assigned to me.

ViacomCBS Naked Put Trade

ViacomCBS Price Chart