Stock Option Trades for the Week Ending August 06, 2021

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Covered Calls

I am fully invested and don’t expect to have much trading activity until after the August 16 expiry date for monthly options.

August 02

Synchrony Financial (SYF) – Covered Strangles Opened

I purchased shares of SYF and then sold an equal number of calls and puts to set up a covered strangle trade which provides income from both puts and calls.

Synchrony Financial Covered Call
Synchrony Financial Naked Put

August 03

Paypal (PYPL) – Covered Strangles Opened

Paypal Covered Call
Paypal Naked Put

August 06

Tesla (TSLA) – Naked Put Expired

This was the first time I traded Tesla options and it worked out well as the puts closed OTM so I keep the premium which generated an annualized return of 28.9%.

Tesla Naked Put

Market Meter

My market meter has declined in the past several weeks and may drop to a Neutral rating on Monday.

Market Meter for Risky Assets

Open Trades

I update my Open Trades page as I initiate or close trades if you want to check them out anytime.