Investing Update for the Week Ending April 21, 2023

by | Apr 22, 2023 | Tactical Asset Allocation

Comparison With Professionally Managed Money

I compare the performance of my weekly ETF allocations to both the 60/40 portfolio (see chart above) and to an equal-weighted portfolio of eight tactical asset allocation ETFs. The results so far are positive as my investing model has outperformed both portfolios.

My Investing Model Versus ETFs


Market Meter

My Market Meter reading continues to be above zero and that usually means my investing strategy will produce a positive return in the next month.

Market Meter
Based on the performance of my current active investing system, the 28-day return when my Market Meter is positive is 2.0% versus 1.0% when it is negative. This is based on the historical performance from Sep-18 to the present.


ETF Price Performance for the Past 52 Weeks

The energy ETF continues to have the best return in the 4-week and 52-week periods.

ETF Price Performance Table


ETF Allocations

There are no changes in the ETF allocations this week.

Tactical Asset Allocation Table

Tactical Asset Allocation Categories