More Stock Option Trades for the Week Ending June 25

by | Jun 26, 2021 | Covered Calls

June 23

I am comfortable enough with my MS and JPM covered calls to initiate partial covered strangles which means I sold naked puts on each stock but sold fewer puts than calls.

Morgan Stanley (MS) – Partial Covered Strangle
Morgan Stanley Naked Put

JP Morgan (JPM) – Partial Covered Strangle

JP Morgan Naked Put

Bank of America (BAC) – Opened Covered Call

Bank of America Covered Call

I do my best to update my Open Trades page as soon as I open or close a trade so anytime you want to see the list of stock option trades I have on, you can see them there.

If time allows, I will post an end-of-month trading summary in the upcoming week for trades that I have closed so far this year. As of right now, I have closed 42 covered call trades and the average annualized return is 26.3% while the median annualized return is 37.4%.

All the best in trading and in life