Stock Trades for the Week Ending 12/03/21

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Covered Calls, ETF Investing

December 10

Conocophillips (COP) – Sold Covered Calls

Conocophillips Covered Call


Closed Naked Puts

Sometimes wild price swings work in my favour and sometimes they don’t. On the option expiry date of December 03 for my BABA puts, the share price dropped by more than 8% so I had to buy the puts back to avoid being assigned the shares. On the next trading day, the price of BABA shares jumped back up by more than 10% to close above my strike price of $122.00. The difference between the trade closing profitably versus a 6% loss was one day.

My TSLA and NVDA puts closed out of the money and, therefore, I kept the full premium on both sales.

Naked Put Trade Table


Asset Class Allocations for ETF Investing

My tactical asset allocation model currently has allocations as provided in the table below.

Asset Allocation Table


Open Trades

My open trades can always be viewed here.