Investment Trades for the Week Ending June 17, 2022

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June 13

Brigham Minerals (MNRL) – Stopped Out

My $31.50 sell stop was triggered and my shares were sold at an average price of $31.48 for a 16.5% gain over a 21-day holding period.


June 14

Brigham Minerals (MNRL) – Shares Purchased

I took a 4.5% portfolio position in MNRL with a purchase price of $31.21.


Marathon Petroleum (MPC) – Shares Purchased

I took a 5.5% portfolio position in MPC with a purchase price of $106.35.


June 16

Marathon Petroleum (MPC) – Sold Shares

I sold my MPC shares at $93.42 for a 12.2% loss which is a 0.67% hit to my portfolio.


June 17

Brigham Minerals (MNRL) – Shares Sold

I sold my MNRL shares at $27.57 for an 11.7% loss which is a 0.53% hit to my portfolio


Tactical Asset Class Allocations

There were no changes in the allocations this week.

Tactical Asset Allocation


Open Trades

I currently hold no stocks.