Investing Update for the Week Ending June 09, 2023

by | Jun 10, 2023 | Systematic trader

Beating the Pros

My Portfolio vs Tactical Asset ETFs

I post my personal ETF model allocations here every week so that I can compare the performance of those allocations over time against a 60/40 portfolio and alternative investment options that I would personally consider such as tactical asset allocation ETFs. If my model allocations underperform, I would have to ask myself “Why don’t I invest differently?” Of course, I don’t have to post the allocations publicly but doing so forces me to be honest with my ETF investing performance. 

According to, the eight ETFs noted in the chart above have a total of about $750 million in assets under management. My portfolio is ahead of the average of those ETFs by roughly 3.5% per year. That’s a lot and we know what the effect of that difference would be over an extended period of years. On the assets managed by the ETFs, the difference is just over $26M per year. Based on an article published by a Canadian media outlet recently, there is a widespread view that a $1.7M portfolio is required for a couple to retire comfortably. A 3.5% per year improvement in investment performance on a $1.7M portfolio is $59,500 annually. 

Will my portfolio of ETFs weekly adjusted continue to outperform the professionally managed ETFs by 3.5% per year? I haven’t the slightest idea if it will. It may outperform by even more or it could underperform. Different market conditions could lead to a change in relative performance. Or not.


Market Meter

My market meter remains negative which suggests that now is not a good time for me to use margin.

Market Meter


My ETF Allocations

My ETF Allocations

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