Covered Call and Naked Put Trades for the Week Ending October 08, 2021

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Covered Calls

October 04


Salesforce (CRM) – Opened Naked Puts

Salesforce Naked Put

Share prices of Dropbox and Capri Holdings had fallen enough to put my trades in the losing category and I chose to close them early.

Dropbox (DBX) – Closed Covered Calls

Dropbox Covered Call


Capri Holdings (CPRI) – Closed Covered Calls

Capri Covered Call


October 07


Docusign (DOCU) – Opened Covered Calls

Docusign Covered Call


Crowdstrike (CRWD) – Opened Covered Calls

Crowdstrike Covered Call


October 08


Nvidia (NVDA) – Opened Covered Strangles

I purchased shares of Nvidia and then sold an equal number of Nov-12 $220.00 calls and Nov-12 $185.00 puts to establish a covered strangle trade.

Nvidia Covered Calls

Nvidia Naked Puts


Short-Term Market Outlook

My short-term outlook for the broad US equity market is Neutral-Bullish.

S&P 500 Equal Weighted Price Chart